Musk says 'buying Manchester United' is just a joke, not buying any sports team|game play and win cash-tiger vs dragon game real cash

Musk says 'buying Manchester United' is just a joke, not buying any sports team

In addition, starting from the 34th round of the regular season, the CBA League will resume the referee report for the last two minutes. The trigger mechanism is the "double 5" principle, that is, the difference between the two sides in the last two minutes is less than or equal to 5 points, and the final result of the game is the difference between the two sides. Less than or equal to 5 points. Spokesman Zhang Chi said that the reason for not releasing the sanction report was due to the adjustment of CBA's internal staff. CBA will further improve the referee assessment system, and encourage the referee team to better serve the league through the reward and punishment mechanism.

On February 3, sports business news, according to Japanese media reports, well-known Japanese actor and Tokyo Olympic torch relay ambassador Ishihara Satomi was infected with the new crown and is currently asymptomatic.On March 30, 2020, the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee held a press conference, announcing that the torch relay ambassadors will be actress Ishihara Satomi, comedian group SandwichMan, judo gold medalist Tadahiro Nomura, and Paralympic women's shooter Aki Taguchi.

In the first leg of the Coppa Italia semi-final held on February 3, Beijing time, Juventus defeated Inter Milan 2-1 away. Ronaldo scored twice in this campaign. With these two goals, the Portuguese also became the leading scorer in football history with 763 official game goals, surpassing the 762 goals of Bailey and Beacon.Cristiano Ronaldo scored 763 goals in 1044 games, including 451 goals for Real Madrid, 118 goals for Manchester United, 102 goals for the Portuguese national team, 87 goals for Juventus, and 5 goals for Sporting.

On February 2, the 2021 World Broadcasters Conference of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics was held. The relevant persons in charge of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and the Olympic Broadcasting Service Company introduced the infrastructure construction, media operation, and broadcaster services. situation and conduct in-depth exchanges.Cai Qi, chairman of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, said that broadcasters are an important customer base for the Beijing Winter Olympics, and the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee has always regarded providing good services for broadcasters as an important preparatory work. The World Broadcasters Conference is an important platform for the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee to communicate with broadcasters. It is hoped that through this meeting, we will exchange opinions with you on the broadcast service during the game, further improve various plans and measures, and strive to provide comprehensive, efficient and convenient service guarantees. There is still one year before the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics. We will work closely with all stakeholders, including broadcasters, to coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and various Make preparations and work together to hold an Olympic event that will leave deep impressions and fond memories on the world, bring hope to the world over the epidemic, and make positive contributions to promoting the development of the Olympic movement and building a community with a shared future for mankind.

Yanis Ixacs, CEO of Olympic Broadcasting Service, said that the construction of the Beijing Winter Olympics venues is progressing smoothly, with frequent highlights and steady progress in all work. It is believed that Beijing will hand over a perfect answer sheet. It will be a splendid Olympic event.Xu Jicheng, director of the media operation department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, said in an interview: "The Beijing Winter Olympics can be said to be the largest media event in the history of the Olympic Games. In the past Olympic Games, the number of media was more than 13,000. The Beijing Winter Olympics is expected to be There are 15,000 people. Now the registration is also reported according to this number. Among them, 3,000 people are print media such as text and photography, and 12,000 people are TV broadcasters. The broadcasters come from more than 60 large and small TV groups or broadcast companies around the world. They can cover almost all audiences with TV in the world. To a certain extent, the Olympic Games is to put the most beautiful moments and the most exciting games of athletes in front of the camera. Therefore, the Olympic Games can also be said to be a grand event for the media ."

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