The complete schedule of the women's volleyball world championship group stage announced, China's first match with Argentina|cash winner game-tiger vs dragon game real cash

The complete schedule of the women's volleyball world championship group stage announced, China's first match with Argentina

The 26-year-old Rodri played 46 games for Manchester City last season, scoring 7 goals and 2 assists, breaking his career single-season scoring record. Among them, 7 goals and 2 assists in 33 Premier League games, averaged 2.18 steals, 0.85 interceptions and 1.27 clearances per game, and sent 2865 passes and 29 key passes, with a pass success rate of 92%. Rodri ranks first in the Premier League in terms of successful passing, ball regaining and aerial success rate. In particular, it is worth mentioning that in the last 6 rounds of the Premier League last season, Rodri scored 4 goals alone, which is one of the biggest contributors to Manchester City's difficult defending of the title.

After successfully renewing his contract, Rodri also accepted an interview with the club's official website. He said that he enjoyed every second of the team. Coming to Manchester City three years ago gave him the best chance to win the championship. This is the most important reason why he is willing to renew his contract with the team, and the existence of coach Guardiola is another important reason. In the era of players, Guardiola also acted as a midfielder, which made the two have more common language. Rodri's visible growth and progress in the past three years is directly related to Guardiola's careful training.At 00:30 on July 13, a friendly match between Inter Milan and Ruichao Lugano. In the first half, Aslani took a corner kick and assisted D'Ambrosio with a header. Lautaro seized the opponent's goalkeeper's low-level error and scored an empty goal. In the second half, Correa came off the bench to score the ball first, then scored a low shot through the crotch; then took a long pass from Onana, swayed the defensive low pass penalty area, and helped Taro burst into the next goal, scoring twice. , Cassiato used the Inter Milan defender and the goalkeeper to short-circuit, to pull back a city for Lugano.

The final score was 4:1. The newly aided teenagers are brilliant, and the demobilized veterans show their power.In the 3rd minute, Aslani took a right corner kick, D'Ambrosio scored a header, and Inter Milan led 1-0!

In the 17th minute, the opponent's goalkeeper made a super huge mistake, Lautaro easily scored an empty goal, and Inter Milan expanded their advantage 2-0!In the 28th minute, Inter Milan was counterattacked, Aslani retreated too deep and peaceful, and the positioning and positioning in the penalty area were not good. It's the epitome of the second half of the first half.

In the 60th minute, Cellar took a free kick and hit the ground and missed.It can be seen that Onana reacted and landed really fast. He was used to watching it last season, and this ball was refreshing and reassuring.

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