It is revealed that Chinese player Zeng Fanbo signed with the Pacers and will represent the latter in the summer league|rummy real cash game apk-tiger vs dragon game real cash

It is revealed that Chinese player Zeng Fanbo signed with the Pacers and will represent the latter in the summer league

Zidane's team building plan did not have J Ronaldo, but the Real Madrid executives failed to sell him, and finally J Ronaldo stayed in the team. At the beginning of the season, Zidane gave Ronaldo a chance to play, and Ronaldo also returned some excellent performances, but then Zidane's patience ran out and he chose to trust other players.

Ronaldo's season came to an end in October last year, and he hasn't made any La Liga appearances since then, only making occasional appearances in other competitions. His impact on the team was almost negligible, and no one even felt his return."Marca" editor's average score "Marca" for his performance this season, it is cruel 2.8 points. Compared with other players, Valverde scored 8 points, Militao 4.5 points, Vazquez 5 points, and Bell 2.1 points.

If you want to know more about "Western Media Comments on J Luo's Season Performance: Almost Can't Feel His Existence", please continue to pay attention to the sports information column, and the editor will continue to update you with more sports news.Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has asked for the national emergency bill to be extended until May 9, and Spain's lockdown order will continue to be extended after parliamentary approval. According to the Spanish "World Sports Daily" report, because of the suspension, Barcelona still has no daily income, but during the implementation of the closure order, the club is expected to save a total of 30.613 million euros in salary.

Barcelona will save 30 million salaries According to the agreement between the club and the players, during the implementation of the national emergency law, Barcelona players will only receive 30% of their wages. The current phase starts on March 14 and ends on May 9. In the first month, Barcelona players took 14 million euros less, accounting for 5.75% of their annual salary. Under the circumstance that the national emergency law is extended for 56 days, Barcelona players will receive 26.13 million euros less, accounting for 10.73% of their annual salary.In addition, Barcelona players also announced that they will provide 2% of their wages to subsidize ordinary club employees so that they can receive 100% of their wages. This part will total 746,000 euros by May 9.

Salary cuts for club youth academies and other sports will be reduced by 2 million euros per month during the home isolation period, and will total 3.73 million euros.In this way, taking into account the 26.13 million euros lost by the first team of Barcelona, and the 2% subsidy for ordinary employees (746,000 euros), plus other pay cuts, Barcelona will save 30.613 million euros during the entire lockdown salary expenditure.

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