A 5-1 made the Barcelona coach happy! Only 2 games away from the best record, will impact the miracle of Guardiola|online ludo game cash-tiger vs dragon game real cash

A 5-1 made the Barcelona coach happy! Only 2 games away from the best record, will impact the miracle of Guardiola

Materazzi praised Mourinho, who led Inter to the treble in 2010. "When it comes to building empathy with the players, no one can match Mourinho. Besides, he's a smart guy, and he's struggled recently. To win, Spurs have a young and strong squad, so I hope he can get back on the winning road."

He also expressed his gratitude to former Inter boss Moratti. "He did everything he could to get us all the trophies in 2010, he tried to create the ideal conditions for us to win the treble that he dreamed of growing up."Talking about the current Inter coach Conte, "Conte's seriousness is unquestionable, his past is questionable, but now he is part of Inter Milan, more likeable. He has narrowed the gap between Inter Milan and the top teams, which is a good match for Inter Milan. The future is important and it is normal that something is missing. The club is renovating everything, even the training ground, and we have to follow the example of Juventus. Inter will always be Inter, but it has to adapt to the times.鈥

Talking about Lautaro Martinez, one of the current talking points, "He is very strong, but I have my own opinion because I am an Inter fan and Milito recommended him to me. When I went to Argentina, Milito talked to me. I said he was a phenomenon. Why did he explode this year? Last year he was in the shadow of Icardi, he just came here from South America, but he's doing well anyway."Recalling how Ronaldo felt when he joined Inter, "The first time I saw him in Pinetina, it was a feeling of greeting."

For more information on "Materazzi: Mourinho was torn apart after the 2006 World Cup", please continue to pay attention to the sports information column, the editor will continue to update you with more sports news.April 17th Guangzhou Evergrande coach Cannavaro talked about Gattuso, Sarri, the Italian national team, Messi and other topics in an interview with reporters recently. Cannavaro Milan made a mistake in letting Gattuso go, wanting to see Messi come to Serie A to play.

Cannavaro said: "I like Bernardski very much, I also like Immobile and Insigne, it is difficult to say who my favorite player is.""Sarri? I think he is a very good head coach. Sarri has been passing his tactical ideas to the players before, and Juventus may have been limited in tactics and performance because of this, so Sarri's leadership Juventus looks a little short of expectations, but there is no doubt about Sarri's quality."

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